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I really dig Instagram — or I used to. But since the service was purchased by Facebook, I feel like it’s lost its focus. Instagram’s new video features are nice, but they don’t feel as smartly-designed as Vine. And speaking of design, I feel like Instagram’s has suffered recently — particularly on iOS 7, where the app looks like something an arts college dropout would whip up if given the opportunity. And finally, I can’t be alone in saying that I think the filter selection is getting worse with time.

That’s why I’m really excited about Favd. Favd is a photo-sharing app made for iOS 7 that’s designed on the backbone. It offers total ownership of your photos, great filters, and the ability to share them on Twitter and Facebook. Better yet, its design harkens back to the days of early Instagram and uses for its social structure. Read on to find out why I think Favd is a must-have app.


In the wake of iOS 7, it feels like the App Store is the Wild West. Every app territory is up for grabs again — it’s no longer about who has the best app, but about who’s made the best iOS 7 app. Camera apps, despite iOS 7’s arguably disappointing camera filters, aren’t excluded from this. In fact, thanks to iOS 7’s renewed focus on clarity, I think that camera apps could benefit more than most.

Landcam requires iOS 6 or higher, but it looks like it’s been made for iOS 7 from the get-go. This is the rare camera app that surprises and delights as often as it snaps a shot. Let’s take a look and see whether or not it can supplant your current favourites.


I’ve spent the past six months or so looking for a great replacement for the stock Camera app. The nice thing about the stock app is that it’s accessible from the lock screen and it’s incredibly quick. Things like that are valuable in a smartphone.

That being said, the stock app also ignores social capabilities for the most part. You have to open a different app to share photos from the camera roll to Facebook or Twitter. Beyond that, it looks more like a point-and-shoot than it does a camera specifically designed for mobile. Now, there’s finally a camera app that addresses these problems with ease: Analog Camera. (more…)

Photo sharing has became somewhat of a phenomenon on mobile devices ever since the smartphone was born, due to it’s combination of camera and Internet connection. While posting raw, unedited photos to sites like Twitter and Facebook is still popular, a breed of photography apps have attempted to capitalise on the popular action, including Instagram.

Following the success of apps like Instagram, several have attempted to emulate the success by providing a filter-based suite of editing tools, allowing users to style images in a number of preset ways. Fuzel is something slightly different; it’s all about arranging your images in a collage to share, an idea I haven’t really seen in a highly publicised app before. (more…)

If I told you that this is a review for an app that lets you apply filters to your photos, you’d probably roll your eyes and move on right? There are a million of these and they’re all the same: the interfaces are cute but hard to navigate, the free filters are limited and they always try to convince you to pay extra for better ones.

Well hold on, because Magic Hour is a game changer. This app not only lets you apply a number of great preset filters, it lets you build and save your own using an awesome tool set. Even better, there’s a theme marketplace full of user-submitted free downloads to add to your collection! Intrigued yet? You should be.