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So many of us are on the constant lookout for things to read without a good way to find them. Sure, there are things like Flipboard and Twitter, but sometimes we want a more carefully-curated reading list without the responsibility of apps like Instapaper.

This is where Zite comes in. After debuting on the iPad, Zite made the jump over to the iPhone, much like competitor Flipboard. Is Zite worth sticking on your phone, or should you look elsewhere for your lusted-after content? Read on and find out.

I bought an iPad on release day, and since then I’ve seen my parents follow suit and get an iPad and an iPad 2 in the following years. Although I use my iPad every day, it’s not for writing, drawing or creating, it’s basically an e-reader. And my main app for that is Flipboard.

Had you asked me months ago if Flipboard would work on the iPhone, I would’ve told you that it was a stupid idea. Flipboard is so effective on the iPad because of the added real estate; it lets the app breathe, and the stories come to life. There’s no way it would work on the iPhone. No way.

Boy was I wrong.


One of the most enjoyable aspects of the iPad for me has been the richly interactive new ways it has brought to consume content. There is simply no better experience for reading the news from your favorite sources than that provided by the host of innovative iPad apps.

Today we bring you just such an app. FLUD is a beautiful newsreader with a unique interface that’s catching the attention of designers and news addicts everywhere.

Today we’re going to look at an iPad application that has received quite a bit of hype over the past few weeks – Flipboard. Aiming to be your “personalised social magazine”, Flipboard comes with a gorgeous interface, and a wonderful concept.

Although there are plenty of RSS, Twitter, PDF and eBook readers available for the iPad, there hasn’t yet been anything along these specific lines. Flipboard sets a lofty target in terms of functionality – one that was never going to be easy to meet. Read on to find out how well I think they pulled it off!