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Today we bring you the first post in a new series of free wallpaper packs for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

These photographic backgrounds are exclusive to iPhone.Appstorm and have in fact been captured by yours truly. They look beautiful on both the lock screen and home screen and have been sized to the appropriate resolution for your device.


Hoarding vast quantities of apps has been a time honored tradition for iPhone owners since Apple began allowing 3rd party development in 2008. However, with over 250,000 apps available from the App Store, finding those that are worthwhile isn’t always an easy task.

Enter AppShopper for iPhone: an app that helps you find other apps at a bargain.


It could be argued that all the best games in the App Store cost money, however we’re going to dispel that myth in this issue of Game Friday. Our roundup this week focuses solely on the free games available for the iPhone including Jet Fighters, Warships and Sudoku 2.

Like always, if you have a game you want reviewed, please let us know!


Have you ever felt a little jealous of Mac.AppStorm’s MacTastik series of comics? Ever wondered whether you’d ever laugh at an iPhone comic in the same way? Well, never fear! Today we’re bringing you a roundup of 30 great comic strips about the iPhone.

Hopefully these 30 comic strips will make you chuckle, laugh, giggle, and (just maybe) roar with laughter. Feel free to share any of your own favourites in the comments!


If you just dropped a few hundred dollars on an iPad, you might not have much left in your budget to fill it up with apps. Fortunately, app developers have already stepped up and created a huge collection of completely free iPad apps.

Below you’ll find over 100 free iPad apps to help you get started. Many of them are only free for a limited time as an introductory special so you’d better grab them fast!


The ringtones that come bundled with your iPhone are great, but what if you want something a little more unique? Today I’ll be looking at a number of different sources for high-quality iPhone ringtones, along with offering some advice about how you can create your own for free!

We’ll be looking at using iTunes and GarageBand for converting your existing music into an iTunes ringtone, how to purchase ringtones through the iTunes Store, and a few third party applications to help you out.


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