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Producing music nowadays is becoming easier and easier as developers try and simplify their software’s UI to become more user friendly. It’s not a wonder there are some great and easy-to-use apps to compose music for recreation or actual studio-quality records. I’m a producer myself, so I’m always on the lookout for some innovative ways to use my iPhone as a production tool.

There are a number of composition apps available for the iPhone, but I’m going to highlight the noteworthy and more user friendly apps in order to maximise your experience with composing on your iPhone.  Whether you’re a serious musician or just looking to test the waters, these apps are accessible to all skill levels. (more…)

Years ago, the iPod won the digital media player wars. It wasn’t really a fair fight; the iPod had Apple and the record companies behind it, pushing for people to purchase music and providing a smooth, streamlined way to do so. The iPod’s dominance continued for years, and when Steve Jobs announced the first iPhone, he also said that it was the finest iPod that the company had ever made.

Now the iPhone is a product category unto itself, and it’s left the iPod’s legacy in the dust. While you can still listen to music with your iPhone, you can now do something that no iPod ever could: create music. While there are many apps out there that make this possible, my favorite is GarageBand, sold directly through Apple. (more…)