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Those of us with smartphones (and I’m guessing that’s most of us here) likely know and use Foursquare on a daily basis, checking and following our friends to see where they check in. With mayorships, Foursquare has sort of “gamified” real life, challenging users to get out of the house and become more socially active.

But what you may not be aware of is the scores of mobile apps out there that utilize the Foursquare API. Perhaps more than any other API, Foursquare has been creatively incorporated into apps of all types — photography, games, crowdsourcing, shopping deals and more. How much more? Well grab some popcorn, because here comes a metric ton of fun (and mostly free) Foursquare enabled apps.


I’ve never been a huge Gowalla user, none of my friends use it (they’re more into Facebook Check-in) and it hasn’t really caught on in my city. Nonetheless, I like the idea of apps like Gowalla and FourSquare, which allow you to assert your fondness for locations and businesses simply by pressing a button. Though I’m not compelled to use Gowalla socially, I sometimes check for nearby spots when I’m in an unfamiliar neighbourhood, only to find a list of churches, bus stops and chain restaurants. The developers of Goodfoot attempt to harness the power of Gowalla and make it more useful to all types of iPhone users, even those that aren’t social network superstars.

Goodfoot lists local Spots in order of their “awesomeness”, a metric they’ve developed which ranks based on how often spots are re-visited by locals, and claims to be able to filter through the uninteresting spots that fill the Gowalla nearby list and show you where the locals actually hang out. So, is it successful? Can an algorithm separate the local hotspots from the tourist traps? Find out after the jump!

Lab for iPhone is like using a microscope on your photos, showing you details and information that you never knew about your images. It allows you to see the meta-data, which is automatically recorded when you take a photo, showing you information such as location, resolution, file size, and camera specs. Check image resolution and file size in a slick and well designed interface that looks amazing on the iPhone 4’s Retina Display. Lab was designed for photographers looking to quickly check photo metadata and file sizes without having to transfer the files to their desktop computer.

Whether you’re in the field taking pictures or in front of the computer, with Lab you’ll always be able to read photo metadata at the push of a button. Lab also has an advanced info section which shows you a histogram, exposure details, and more. All this is displayed in a clean and simple interface.