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There’s a new breed of email apps trending these days. These apps are designed to help users get productive with their inboxes and ultimately reach inbox zero. They have several common denominators, including gestures, action-based functionality, scheduling, and integration with other productivity tools like tasks and calendars. They make for a good compliment to project management apps such as Clarizen, Wrike, or JIRA, making your work life that little bit more manageable.

A growing number of these email apps have been released to the public, signalling evident interest in this approach to email. I’ve managed to round up ten (10) email apps that fit into this trend, some of which you may or may not have heard of before. Let’s take a look at these email apps and see what they have to offer users in need of a more effective and flexible solution to email.

I’ve never tried a secondary music app. The iOS Music app has always been enough for me, but I started to wonder if maybe there could be something better out there. Something different, cooler, that would make me give up the default Music app for good.

There’s gotta be something pretty special going on to make me turn my head, and that’s what in:play is — pretty special. Fancy gestures and a minimalist interface make for a pretty sweet experience. Will all that really make for an experience to rival what I can get right out of the iOS box, though? (more…)

I will admit, I am not a huge movie junkie that is always up on the latest and greatest that’s coming out to the theater or DVD. Before having a kid, I used to watch a lot more movies and go to the theater more frequently. But now, I barely know when they come out and before I know it, it is gone from the theater and then you have to wait until it comes out on DVD.

Flickd is an app that can hopefully help me out with making sure that I never miss a movie again. For you movie buffs out there, you are definitely going to want to read further and check this app out. It has got some great features and takes advantages of the gesture features of the iPhone. (more…)