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Recent changes to Google’s privacy policy have spurred many thoughts of abandoning ship in search of Google alternatives. While leaving Google altogether is probably an overreaction, it’s worth taking inventory of just how much or your data travels through the Google pipeline. Yes, Google services have no monetary cost, but there is a privacy cost involved. Soapbox aside, it’s also every geek’s job to tinker.

Google search alternatives such as DuckDuckGo are growing in popularity, but users of services such as Google Reader have few other choices. Shaun Inman’s Fever is a self-hosted feed reader that offers several improvements over Google Reader, but unfortunately, Fever’s mobile experience is limited to web clips. Sunstroke is the first native iPhone application built for Fever, and today we’ll see if this app can maintain Fever’s personality while offering all of the features that make it a superior alternative to Google Reader. (more…)