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We’re often admonished to be tourists in our own cities, and with money tight for a lot of people, a vacation in your own town isn’t such bad advice. It’s easier said than done, though, because we fall into ruts, visiting the same familiar restaurants, attractions and finding it hard to venture outside that bubble.

If I just had someone to tell me all the fun and cool things to do, I’d be fine. Well, Field Trip by Google does just that. It finds where you are and then tells you all the neat stuff nearby. But is Field Trip just another Google Maps search app or is there really something more here? (more…)

Have you ever wondered what your neighborhood looked like throughout history, or perhaps the historical significance of a nearby landmark? With Historypin, you can easily get historical data through user-generated images displayed in relation to your current location, all from your iPhone.

The main feature of the app allows images and relevant historical data to pop up overlaid on the iPhone’s live camera view (thanks to integrated Google Maps and Street View technology). This allows you to quickly get a snapshot of what a nearby location looked like in the past by simply holding up your device in the street. Historypin is certainly an intriguing and extremely unique approach to augmented reality, but we wanted to find out if it was just a gimmick like so many others.

The Cartographer started from an idea, an appreciation for something that we now see as mundane and boring. Nautical charts and maps were once seen as symbols of wealth and power. They were handed down from generation to generation and were extremely valuable. They were symbols of status, with kings and queens owning hand-made maps that were beautiful works of art. Maps opened up the world around you, making it possible for travel and exploration.

Today, maps have lost their beautify and flair. They have changed from objects to be cherished into objects to be stored in the back of you motor vehicle. The Cartographer is all about bringing the beauty back into your maps. It’s about building maps, travelling the world, and having fun.