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I’ve always been a fan of Google, so when I bought my iPhone, Google Mobile was one of the first apps I downloaded. During this review, we’ll get into the functionality and features of the app including its search capabilities, custom settings and access to all the great Google apps you already know.

I, and I’m sure most of you reading this, use Google on a daily basis. On top of the most popular Google apps such as Gmail and Google Docs, the Google Mobile app gives you access to other useful Google apps while on the go; Calendar, Maps, YouTube… the list goes on.


As it becomes more common for people to have information spread across multiple devices, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of all your data. It is for this reason that many people are making the move to keeping everything in one central place – the cloud.

You can already sync iCal and your iPhone together each time you plug your phone into your computer, but if you don’t regularly sync your iPhone, then this wireless alternative may be perfect for you. This how-to will teach you how to keep your iPhone or iPod Touch calendar and iCal in perfect sync using Google Calendar, removing the need for a costly Mobile Me subscription.


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