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When Apple announced turn-by-turn direction support in the all-new Apple Maps at the launch of iOS 6, many wondered where this would leave existing satellite navigation apps that had, at the time, been riding high in the top grossing charts of the App Store. In addition to Apple’s own service, Waze sprung out of nowhere with its more social way of providing directional navigation, live traffic and speed trap information to iOS users in a completely free package. More recently, Google released their all-new Google Maps for iOS that also includes full turn-by-turn directions that’s powered by the software company’s extensive mapping service.

With Apple, Google and Waze offering free functionality to what you would have previously payed upwards of $50 for similar functionality, some companies have had to radically change their approach towards pricing. One such company is CoPilot, which has moved its CoPilot GPS app towards a freemium-based pricing policy by providing the foundations of a complete navigation app that you can tailor to suit.


If there’s one genre of app that takes advantage of almost every sensor that the iPhone contains, it’s fitness apps. By monitoring and tracking our progress, they can be a key motivational tool to power through and keep up the exercise regime, and I see more people than ever with an iPhone strapped to their arm.

Nike has long been at the forefront of blurring the lines between fitness and technology, having started with their Nike+iPod sensor over seven years ago and continues to do so with Nike+ Running. It’s been some time since we initially published our Nike+ GPS review (over two and a half years ago, to be precise) and, since then, both the app and the Nike+ running service have undergone some fundamental changes.

If you are planning a trip to Hawaii — specifically the island of Maui — those who have traveled before you are going to recommend touring the Road to Hana. The scenic, 68-mile stretch of highway is full of hairpin turns, but also features gorgeous scenery such as beaches, waterfalls and exotic plant life.

These are the sights of tourists’ dreams! But if you don’t want to shell out the cash or devote the time to taking a tour through a bus company, you may want to rent a car and let the Road to Hana GPS Driving Tour be your guide. The app — which is one of the GyPSy Guide GPS Driving Tours — navigates excursionists through the eye-catching scenery at their own pace.

Is this discounted approach to seeing one of Hawaii’s most touted attractions a tourist trap or one of its best-kept secrets? Find out after the jump. (more…)

Seven months have passed since Google Maps made its return to the iPhone, and, boy, people sure have been thankful. Since it’s return, Google Maps has racked up over 32,000 ratings — most of which are incredibly favorable — and has maintained a high standing as one of the top free iPhone apps in the App Store. To call Google Maps’ return a success is the epitome of an understatement.

Personally, I didn’t get caught up in the Apple Maps vs Google Maps hoopla. Being a loyal Waze user, I sat on the sidelines and watched the endless bashing of Apple’s attempt at providing a map and navigation service. However, that doesn’t mean I wasn’t eager to sample Google Maps when it was released, as well as when version 2.0 was made available earlier this month. Does the newest version of Google Maps have what it takes to be my go-to map and navigation service? Find out after the jump. (more…)

Did you know that you can use your iPhone to hunt for lost or buried treasure? OK, maybe not real treasure, but still …

Tap “more” to discover ten apps that will have you scrambling through brambles, using multi-million dollar satellites to search for camouflaged tupperware in places you never even knew existed until now.


Apple’s mapping system didn’t exactly work out as the company had hoped. After years of rumors and high hopes for the alternative to Google’s solution, Maps in iOS 6 was far from a success. It had so many bugs that all users could do was complain about the app rather than use it. In the end, they transitioned to alternatives like Waze and Maps+, or even Google’s own Web app, which was recently improved for iOS users. None of these really solved the problems for those who enjoyed the old ways. Now there is a fix.

Google worked hard on its own Maps app for iOS, bringing all the old features in a new and modern user interface. It’s won over a lot of users so far and since Google is more reliable when it comes to this sort of thing, there’s no reason not to use the free app. Or is there? (more…)

Just going from here to there, especially when here and there are daily destinations, can become more than a little monotonous. The city you live in is no longer somewhere special but just a place you pass through everyday.

Now imagine you’re seeing your town for the first time and trying to navigate your way through it with only the knowledge of your immediate surroundings. A common video game trope, Fog of World is bringing this sort of discovery to the real world. As you travel a map of your neighborhood or city, the fog lifts, and you discover your world all over again. (more…)

One built-in feature that has been a glaring omission from the iOS ecosystem is turn-by-turn navigation. In the keynote at WWDC, Apple unveiled that a new feature in iOS 6.0 is a redesigned map application. This will include turn-by-turn navigation.

That said, the turn-by-turn navigation will only be available on the iPhone 4S and above. Even though the iPhone 4S only supports turn by turn navigation, iOS 6.0 will run on iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4, as well. Motion X – GPS Drive brings turn-by-turn navigation to any iOS device running at least iOS 3.0. Let’s go deeper into it after the jump. (more…)

GPS golf equipment has sky-rocketed over the last couple of years. Equipment prices have been driven down by making the technology more accessible, but the equipment can still be expensive with most of it costing around $200. A lot of these systems require subscription services as well, which increases the overall price. But what if a golfer could use their iPhone as a golf GPS. Fortunately for these golfers, there are several apps that provide this functionality. Today I want to talk about my favorite golf GPS app, Golfshot: Golf GPS.

Some golfers might feel that using a GPS might interfere with the old charm of the game of golf, but I think most can appreciate the benefit of using a GPS system. It can help amateur golfers play their best golf by providing accurate distances for each shot. Not only will this help them improve their game, it can also help keep the round moving at reasonable pace. A golf GPS helps take the guesswork out of the game, which translates to more confident shots and hopefully more fun.


Nowadays, iPhone owners are shooting movies and recording albums on their phone, as well as taking care of day-to-day tasks like grocery shopping, tweeting and sharing pictures. Because the iPhone is such a versatile device, the need to purchase other pieces of technology have subsided, especially when referring to GPS devices.

The App Store offers multiple GPS apps, which vary quite dramatically in price — but if you’re looking for a full-fledged GPS app, NAVIGON is the only way to go. Find out why after the jump. (more…)

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