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Over the past month I have been on a quest to find a good task manager for myself. Personally, I wanted one that was simple to use, not overloaded with features, able to sync with my iOS devices, and share with others.

After buying and testing a handful of apps, I found one that I had never heard of before and actually, I heard about it on a podcast by Mike Vardy who loved it. The task manager that I am talking about is Asana, which, after testing it for a bit, I decided that this was the one that I was going to use full time. Let me explain more about the app and why I like it so much.


So you know a few people. Okay, you know a lot of people. And you need to keep in touch with these people. Of course, your iPhone has a built-in Contacts app, but isn’t there anything a little more friendly and fun?

Of course there is! It’s Groups – drag and drop contact management. Groups is really just a pair of rose-tinted glasses for the built-in contacts app. When you update contact information in one, you’ll see those changes in the other. For me this works nicely, because the Contacts app syncs with Google Contacts.

In this review, I’ll be a taking a look at the interface of Groups and investigating the functionality on offer.