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Thanks to the Internet, if there’s something out there that you need to do but you don’t know how to do it, there’s some website that will provide you with the answer. Need to add RAM to your Mac? Try iFixit. Want to make a pinhole camera? Go to Instructables. And now, if you want a little bit of everything, there’s Snapguide.

Snapguide is a social guide service that allows anyone to put up their own instruction manual to do pretty much anything, then draw comments from the world at large. But is it a social network or just another how-to resource? Let’s find the root after the break.  (more…)

In the app store there are plenty of dictionaries to choose from. Some of these apps may cost a pretty penny, others are offered for free. But rarely do you find an app that has the functionality of a dictionary which backs up from multiple data sources.

Wordy is branded as “The Logophile’s Primer” for good reason. The app lets you browse through a large collection of dictionary definitions, synonyms and antonyms, and behaves as a powerful reference tool. And the best part is that it’s entirely free to download for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users. (more…)

TV Show Tracker is a remarkably simple app that does one thing: tracks your favorite TV shows. If you find yourself sitting around often wondering if the new episode of “The Office” has aired yet, TV Tracker is your solution.

Below we’ll take a look at everything the app does and discuss whether or not you should shell out $1.99 to download it.