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Who loves puzzle games? Well I do for one, and there are lots of others out there who share my joy for the casual game. The Heist isn’t just a puzzle game though, it’s an interactive mission. It’s like Ocean’s 11 without the lame sequels. Or George Clooney. Or really anything other than a safe.

But what is it? Well for that answer, you’re going to have to hit the jump.   (more…)

For fans of mock sleuthing and good-natured detective work, the folks over at MacHeist have been running clever “games” for years in an effort to offer Mac users a more engaging way to take advantage of software bundle deals, discounts, etc. These challenges are not easy, but there are always generous rewards awaiting those wily folks who make it through.

After all this time, it should come as no surprise that they’ve turned some of their attention over to the mobile world, and their first venture is hardly a modest experiment: The Heist is a thoroughly entertaining and well-polished puzzle game with a prize at the end. Read on to unlock our (spoiler-free) review!