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There are, right now, a host of iPhone Apps available to help you transform an ordinary photo into something extraordinary! Whether that is by utilising simple photo editing and adjustment with an App such as Photoshop Express, or by redesigning the experience of taking snapshot photos and applying filters with Apps such as Hipstamatic and Swankolab.

Instagram desires to help you take photo sharing to a whole new level by integrating it with your social networks, enabling you and your friends to share your lives through a series of snapshot images! It claims to be reinventing the way we share photos and is totally free so lets have a look.


I have always been attracted to “old school” analog cameras. The type that have to be loaded with celluloid film rolls, have a removable lens, and a flash as big as the camera itself. The way they looked and the sounds they made were part of their charm.

Sadly, by the time I grew up, analog cameras have long gone out of fashion. It’s also pretty pointless to buy a high maintenance gadget with low quality output just to satisfy an itch from the past!

For those of us who love analog cameras, Hipstamatic lets us get a hang of it right from our iPhones. Let’s go check it out.