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I had to do a restore on my iPhone recently, and in the process all of my apps got knocked all over the place and I had to reorganize. Being the OCD kinda guy that I am, it took me quite a bit of time to make sure that everything was put in its most optimal location, and after an hour or so of futzing with the interface, I got things good to go.

And then I used it. After a week or so I realized that there are two types of apps out there that sit on my homescreen and every other page: Ones I use, and ones I think I use. Ever run into that problem? So to maximize my layout, I decided to play around with a few different techniques and methods, each of which with their own advantages and disadvantages. If you’re a bit OCD like myself (or just curious), hit the jump and we’ll talk it out.


Last week we asked you to show us your iPhone’s home screens, and the response was overwhelming. So much so that we decided to show off as many home screens as possible by packing it into one big roundup.

Now, of course, there are a few duplicates here and there, but we did our best to trim it down and make the list a bit more manageable. Thanks to all of you who submitted your home screens, and hit the jump the check them out!


I was at lunch the other day with a few friends of mine, and I noticed one of their home screens was setup substantially differently than mine. Where I’ve got apps all over the place, my buddy had two folders in the dock and two apps up top with a gorgeous wallpaper to show off. When I got home, I noticed that my wife had just folders on her home screen, and just the phone icon in the dock. That got me thinking — what do our reader’s home screens look like?

With that in mind, I decided to put it to the test and get some feedback from you, the reader. Want to know more? Hit the jump and find out!