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Unlike the vast majority of professions, Writing requires no qualifications of its purveyors — anybody can be one. The boundless level of expression afforded to authors of any genre is unmatched by any other art form. A level of expression limited not by talent or ability, but only by the imagination of the craftsman. It has been said that writing itself is not difficult, but rather the difficulty arises with forming good ideas.

Authors cannot be taught how to be creative or imaginative; it is for themselves to coax ideas out of their minds. What can be encouraged, however, is the development of those oh-so-rare seedlings of invention into fully rooted bougainvillea. Writers App isn’t designed to boost imagination, but it does provide the tools needed to help cultivate your ideas into flourishing works of literature. Intrigued? Let’s find out more. (more…)

It was a great day when app developers started wising up to the fact that sometimes taking notes involves more than just text. Now there’s a whole slew of apps designed to let you incorporate photos, voice memos, URLs and more into your notes. Well, here’s another: Catch Notes.

Catch Notes lets you capture ideas and other stuff you come across so you can organize all your thoughts and never forget a thing. You can break big tasks down into more manageable checklists, share to-do’s with your contacts, and set reminders for yourself. See how Catch Notes stacks up after the jump. (more…)

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In this Quick Look, we’re highlighting Idea Mix. The developer asks, have you ever felt uninspired or trapped in a routine? Idea Mix comes to the rescue. Fear no more, Idea Mix will assign you a new creativity boost challenge every day in order for you to perform and then share with the world. And best of all, it’s going to do this for free.

Start using Idea Mix today and stop putting off your ideas.

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