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Typically, you want a really powerful computer for video editing. It’s a processor-intensive task requiring significant expenses in both the software and hardware arenas. However, the iPhone is changing this paradigm. A few years ago, who would’ve thought we’d soon be shooting, managing and even editing high quality video content all on one pocket-sized device?

Today we’ll take a beginner’s look at what the iPhone offers for movie makers. We’ll start off with a brief look at the specs of the hardware and then move on to some great apps that you’ll want to check out to help you become the Spielberg of iOS.

The web has become saturated with surprisingly high quality content created entirely on iPhones. Never before has a device that contains a camera merely as a secondary feature so impacted the worlds of photography and cinematography.

The question is, are these industries better or worse with the arrival of the iPhone? Is this device improving the digital world by putting multimedia-based art forms into the hands of the masses or is it critically cheapening decades of hard work from serious professionals? Let’s discuss.