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I’ve been playing the Infinity Blade games since they were first released a couple years ago. Looking back, it’s stunning how far the iPhone has come since the first one was announced for the iPhone 4. At the time, I hadn’t purchased an iPhone yet and was playing the thing on my trusted third-generation iPod Touch. Then, Infinity Blade was a show-stopping demo. Friends and family were shocked at how incredibly good-looking the game I held in my hand was.

Of course, Infinity Blade has evolved a lot since then. Infinity Blade II tried to ratchet up the storytelling and added some non-linear “choose your own adventure” moments. Much of Infinity Blade III, the most recent instalment in the series, follows the same route, but it also brings some major enhancements to the table. And while we’ve always been talking about Infinity Blade like it was a console game, I’d argue this entry is the first real console game in the series. Except, like always, you can play it on your iOS device. Read on to find out whether or not Infinity Blade III is worth your hard-earned cash.


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Infinity Blade II requires no introduction. Its predecessor was — and remains — one of the best looking games on the iPhone. Originally designed for consoles and then brought to iOS at the last minute, Infinity Blade took advantage of the touch screen and Retina Display in a way that few others have managed, combining simple yet addictive gameplay with excellent visuals.

Now Infinity Blade II is here, and I’m sure that many who enjoyed the first game have already downloaded the app and begun their quest. Does this sequel suffer from the laziness that can occur when something is released on the heels of a blockbuster, or is it as good — or better — than the first game? Read on to find out.