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Technology, Entertainment, Design — those three words make up TED, the non-profit organization dedicated to bringing together some of the world’s biggest thinkers and doers to share “ideas worth spreading.” TED has been about since 1984, and in that time you have probably come across one or two of their talks, even if it was just because a friend shared the video on Facebook.

One of the popular ways of discovering and viewing TED content has always been through the TED website. However, if you wanted to take the power of ideas with you on the go, then the TED app is well worth taking a look at. Is it for you? Let’s find out.  (more…)

Would you like an app that gives you new ideas and forces you to think?  While the press is pondering the way gadgets distract and can keep us from spending time thinking, we’re going to look at an app that promises to promote your creativity and give you food for thought.

Inspiro is a unique new app designed to prompt your creativity and inspire your imagination.  It generates phrases and plot ideas from a vast database of random words and phrases.  Just like the fill-in-the-blank stories for kids that let them create imaginative or crazy stories, Inspiro’s phrases are designed to give you a laugh or inspiration for your next creative project.  Let’s take a quick tour and see how you can put it to use to spark your creativeness.