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As a lot of us already know, the iPhone 4S was shown to the world a few days ago. Whenever a new Apple product comes out, I always go through this game in my mind of “is this worth buying?” Even if I am not planning on purchasing it myself, I like to think about it from a consumer point of view.

So does it make sense for you to buy the iPhone 4s? Let’s look at a few different scenarios and find out after the break.

Although reactions have been mixed on the new iPhone 4S, there are still a ton of people who are going to buy one, that’s for sure. Me? Well I’ve preordered mine, so I know I’ll have something shiny and new on October 14th, but that was kind of a given, right?

So where do you stand in the mix? Do you plan on buying an iPhone 4S on launch day, or are you going to wait it out for the next iPhone to arrive? Let us know in our poll!

In 2008, I purchased a shiny new iPhone 3G for myself and my wife and spent a few hundred dollars in the process. Ever since then I’ve been able to buy each new iPhone and it paid for itself within an hour, maybe two at the most. In fact, sometimes I’ve even turned a profit.

So how was I able to do this? How could I possibly pay nothing for a new iPhone? Well truth be told, I’m not really paying nothing, because there is an up front cost. But in the end, being payment neutral is a very nice thing. Heck, even getting some money back is a step in the right direction, right? Let’s talk about it after the jump.


For Apple fans, and tech-minded observers all over the world, yesterday’s announcements were met with mixed reactions. Some saw the natural progression and advancement of the ground-breaking iPhone 4 as inevitable, in hindsight, while others were dismayed at the conspicuous absence of the much-rumored (and hoped for) iPhone 5. Whatever your perspective, Apple made one announcement that really excited me (Hint: it’s not the release of Cards).

The unveiling of Siri, the personal assistant built into the iPhone 4S, is something that I believe will have significant ramifications for the future of computing. I can’t wait to actually try it in action! Today I’ll look at some of the amazing features of Siri, and include some thoughts on its significance.


Well it’s official, we have a new iPhone today and it’s called the iPhone 4S. There was a lot of big news that came out of Cupertino today, most of it covered live via Twitter. You do follow us on Twitter, right? If not, hit us up at @iphoneappstorm today.

But if you weren’t there to watch it all go down, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Hit that more button and let’s get into all of the big news of the day.


Tomorrow we’ve got a big announcement at Apple HQ, and we know one thing: They’re going to talk about the iPhone. Other than that, we don’t really have much info other than a bunch of rumors, and nothing really concrete.

So what’s the word? What do you think we’ll find out tomorrow? Let us know in the poll to the right.

It’s official, Apple is holding a press conference on October 4th to discuss the iPhone. We’ve been waiting for this with baited breath for months now, and yet today, less than a week before the event, what do we know about the new iPhone? More importantly, what don’t we know?

Let’s take a moment and piece together this puzzle after the jump.


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