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Flickr used to be the king of photo sharing on the Internet. Lately, however, it’s been declining as services such as 1x, 500px and SmugMug have come into play. Google+ has also become a very popular place to find good photographs thanks to well-known lensmen like Trey Ratcliff. Everyone has their own cup of tea, and 500px has always been mine because the community is superior to that of Flickr. Matthew Guay of Mac.AppStorm calls it the “Dribbble of photography.”

At the beginning of the year, I reviewed 500px’s iPad app, calling it “the best photography on your tablet.” The professional photo sharing service just updated its app to accommodate the iPhone, with beautiful photos that are optimized for the Retina display and many other creations that can be found on the website. Whether you enjoy browsing photographs or post some of your own and check up on the comments, 500px for the iPhone looks to be perfect for the job. But is it though? (more…)