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My wife and I recently had the opportunity to spend some time in Kenya and Tanzania, with a stop in Amsterdam along the way. We had an amazing experience, which included going on safari in Tanzania and attending a beautiful wedding at Lake Navasha in Kenya’s Great Rift Valley.

I knew before leaving Canada that we would have very limited access to the Internet during our travels. I discovered that, with some careful planning up front and a suite of thoughtfully selected apps, the iPhone can be a very useful travel companion, even when no Internet connection is available. Here are some of the apps that I used regularly during our travels. I’ve also included some essential tips for those of you who travel the world with your iPhone (or iPod Touch).


Despite being admittedly overhyped by the media, the antenna issues with the iPhone 4 are very real. When I’m doing anything but talking on my iPhone, the way that I instinctively hold it inevitably drains my reception to almost nothing within a minute. Then, as soon as I change my grip, those bars jump back up to full.

However, I have yet to actually go and purchase a bumper. I did look at Apple’s solution but thought that $30 for a such a small ring was pretty outrageous. The bigger problem though is my aversion to cases in general.

I’m what you might call an Apple purist. I love the design of my Apple devices enough that I almost never add any adornment to the equation. My MacBook contains no stickers, skins or clip-on case and my iPhone looks just like it did the day I bought it. I did purchase a case for my iPad, but it’s purely for transportation of the device. When I actually use it, I quickly slide it out of the case (my criteria for purchasing an iPad case was solely the speed at which I could remove the iPad).

Our poll today asks where you lie on this spectrum. Do you protect your iPhone with a case, simply use the bumper to fix the antenna issues or perhaps forsake both in favor of an unfettered iPhone experience? We want to know! After you vote in the poll, leave a comment below and let us know what cases you own and recommend, both for iPhone and any other Apple products!

The rumor mills are alive with speculation about the iPhone 5, which will supposedly be coming this summer. With these rumors comes the tale of a mythical device that we haven’t heard mentioned in quite some time: the iPhone Nano.

When the very first iPhone was released, it took spin-artists no time to convince the media that Apple was working on a new smaller version. This device would of course be cheaper and more compact than the normal iPhone and would hopefully appeal to customers not willing to shill out for the big version.

Of course, years later we know that these rumors were 100% fabricated and not the least based in reality. Yet here we are again, four years later and the rumors have resurfaced. Could Apple finally be ready to expand the iPhone line with a smaller version? More importantly, do you care?

Let’s say the rumors are true and Apple releases an iPhone Nano in a few months, would you buy one? Vote in the poll above, then leave a comment below and let us know, regardless of whether or not you want to buy one, if you think it’s a good strategy. Do you know people that would jump on the idea of a smaller, cheaper iPhone?

If you’re reading this from the U.S., the fact that you might be doing so from a Verizon iPhone is big news. Many Apple fans have waited not-so-patiently for four long years for this opportunity and customers of other carriers are no doubt licking their lips wondering when their turn will come.

Now that the Verizon iPhone is officially in the wild, what effect did it have on the market? How are other carriers responding? Has someone hacked it yet? Today we’ll take a brief look at a world where Verizon iPhones exist.

Recently, we looked at the our favorite apps from Macworld followed by a post on the future of the Expo. Today we’ll wrap up this series with a post on some of our favorite hardware accessories that made an appearance at Macworld 2011.

Many of the accessories were quite useful, but even more interesting to us were all of the bizarre ideas inventors have come up with. From iPad jackets to cases for using your iPhone underwater, this post has it all.


With the announcement of the Verizon iPhone came the news that the device will be enabled to act as a mobile wifi hotspot for up to five devices. This is fantastic news and will really increase the usefulness of an already incredibly useful product. Even better, this functionality will supposedly be opened up on all iPhone 4 handsets (as opposed to just Verizon’s) with the next major update of iOS. Keep in mind that just because the functionality is on the phone doesn’t mean your particular carrier will offer the option.

Of course, this great new feature comes at a premium. For instance, Verizon charges users an extra $20 per month for the feature. So our question today is, do you think it’s worth it? Now, in addition to voice, data and texting, are you willing to part with even more of your hard-earned cash to enjoy Internet on the go from your other devices?

Cast your vote on the right and leave a comment below explaining your answer!

We’ve heard the rumors for years and have been let down countless times. Many of us dared to hope that this latest round was true while others had long ago sworn off hope that it would ever happen. Today, the rumors will be permanently laid to rest because it has finally happened: AT&T has lost its long-held exclusive grip on the iPhone in the United States.

Verizon Wireless announced today that they will be releasing an iPhone. When will it be available? Is it somehow different that the AT&T version? Find these answers and more after the jump.


I panted, out of breath as I chased the leprechaun through the forest.  He was quick, but I had to be quicker- for if I was, he would lead me to the pot-o’-gold at the end of the rainbow.  And then with a lunge, I caught the little man by the belt and held him down.  His green eyes showed that he knew he’d been beaten as they looked up at me from ‘neath fiery red eyebrows.  Dejected, he reached into his pouch and produced  a small note.  It was then that I realized that his was not the traditional pot-o’-gold, but rather the rainbow itself as a treasure; on the note was written a name- the secret source of the leprechaun’s rainbow.  I read it carefully and it simply said: ColorSchemer Touch.

I let the man go and he was off with a scurry.  I pulled out my iphone and immediately opened the AppStore to “ColorSchemer Touch”.  What a treasure it was!  So many colors, so many choices, and so much to do!  I could find other people’s palettes filled with greens, blues, purples and more!  I could create my own palettes from color wheels, spectrums and even photos.  And this is what I found…


Today we’re pitting Nintendo and Sony, the former kings of mobile gaming, against the completely unexpected force that has taken this industry by storm: multitouch phones, music players and tablets.

Twenty years ago, as we all awed at the amazing experience provided to us by our original Gameboys, no one ever predicted that the future of gaming would lie in a phone. In fact, the idea would’ve seemed downright nonsensical at the time.

What we want to know is whether or not you think these fancy all-in-one app-centric multitouch devices really provided a gaming experience that’s on par with dedicated gaming devices like the DS and PSP.

Is the incredibly vast offering of iPhone games enough to pull you away from Nintendo and Playstation or are the iOS games shallow in comparison to the rich offerings on other systems?

Cast your vote one the right and leave a comment below telling us your thoughts.

Every app on your iPhone syncs with iTunes, which means it also resides on your Mac. Unlike the iPhone, our wonderful Macs are fairly open and make it easy to dig around in important files. Put these two statements together and you get the realization that you can use your Mac to tear apart your iPhone apps to see what’s inside (no jail-breaking required).

Today I’ll walk you through the basic process of breaking into an iPhone app in addition to discussing why on Earth you would want to do such a thing.


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