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Jordan Mechner, later responsible for the Prince of Persia game franchise, released his first game in 1984 for the Apple II. This game was Karateka. It’s a side-scrolling game featuring industry changing one-on-one combat about a lover trying to save the Princess Mariko from Akuma’s castle fortress. It’s a simple, classic video game story.

Mechner returned to his independent roots earlier this year to remake the game in HD. First appearing on consoles, the remake has an all-star developer team: Screenwriter John August (who is listed as a producer), Grammy-winning composer Christopher Tin, and artist Jeff Matsuda were all involved in the production. I never played the original, so I’m walking into this with fresh eyes. And I was not disappointed. (more…)

I’ve got a problem, and it’s headphones. Although the iPhone 5 came with EarPods that are much better than the previous earbuds, I still find myself looking for a nice and comfortable set of headphones. Turns out that I now have a small collection going, with no end in sight. There’s the pair that I use because they have a noise canceling feature, or the ones I toss in a bag because they’re small and convenient. Some I wear in public because they don’t leak sound, others I try to hide because of their cost.

What about you? What kind of headphones do you use with your iPhone? Let us know in the poll to the right!

Like many people, I use my iPhone as my alarm clock. The other day, the alarm went off quite sharply, and I grabbed my phone to turn it off. Problem was, the charging cable caught on my nightstand, and my iPhone 5 took a tumble onto the tile floor, marring the corner nicely. Oy.

Understandably, I was pretty upset. After all, I’ve used cases on all of my iPhones up until the iPhone 5, and I don’t know why I changed my mind. Was I lazy? Did I just keep putting it off? Did I want to show off the iPhone 5 goodness? Whatever it was, I now have a scratched and marred iPhone to show for it.

What about you? Do you buy and use a case for your iPhone or do you just let it sit about naked as a jaybird? Let us know in the poll to the right!

Tweetbot may have been the best Twitter client in its day, but new times are ahead. Twitter’s own official app may be more popular than the smaller third-party alternatives, yet developers keep releasing new ones every few months. This time the app is the fifth version of a classic client originally on the Mac called Twitterrific.

In version 5.0, the developer redesigned everything and equipped the app with a completely new set of navigation features. It’s much simpler and more intuitive than before, too. To evaluate its potential as a competitor to the great Tweetbot, I downloaded Twitterrific on its release day and have been using it frequently since. Keep reading for a full look at the app. (more…)

With the advent of smartphones, and largely driven by the market-defining success of the iPhone, the way in which we employ these devices has changed. The telephone and the mobile phone were designed so that we could speak to each other with distance being no object. Nowadays, we increasingly email, text, iMessage, twitter, facebook or google. We are using mobile phones to talk increasingly less. Despite this, an app called Wavedeck Voice Messenger PTT makes it easier to communicate than, say, texting. (more…)

Some of the first video games have been deemed the greatest of all time, while others were simply given the title “Greatest of their time.” Not everyone will agree that Super Mario was the most revolutionary side-scrolling platform game that they played when they were little. That’s okay, because there are many other classics out there, like Pac-Man. It is still one of the undisputed champions of arcade gaming, whether you play it or not. The same goes for Tetris.

When it came to the iPhone back in 2009, there was nary a question that it would continue the heritage and bring it to its true mobile greatness. One could not argue that the Java version of this game, offered only on the primitive mobile phones of the early 2000s, was one of the best things that happened to it. With another step into the ever-growing market of technology and gaming alike, things can only get better for Alexey Pajitnov’s fine feather in his ushanka. Or can they? (more…)

Everyone typically becomes bored of something at one time or another. It’s the inevitable loss of interest that causes people to give up that great hobby they’ve been doing for so long, or to stop eating oatmeal for breakfast every morning simply because it’s become stale. Change is good, yes, but eventually the redundant pattern of quitting something and starting another task can start to show — very much so.

One of the most prominent topics of interest is mobile gaming. The industry has been around since the 1970s, but lately it’s evolved to something beyond the classic Donkey Kong Country on a Game Boy and the first iteration of Tetris on a mobile phone. Tense games of Snake were classic back in the day when Nokia ruled the mobile phone market. Now, however, Apple and Google govern the domain. The App Store and Google Play Store have brought many fabulous first-person shooters, adventures of evil swine and vexed avian, and role-playing ventures like Bastion. With all this innovation, something was left behind — what was it? (more…)

EpicHearts is from 4:33, the talented developers of The Secret of Chateau de Moreau. It is an iOS RPG clearly designed with the longtime RPG lover in mind. That’s not to say it won’t appeal to newbies to the genre, however. Its appeal rests on classic RPG elements rather than novelties, and that’s what will draw in RPG diehards; its simple controls, smooth interface, and great graphics will serve to bring in the rest of the crowds.

So what makes playing EpicHearts like meeting an old friend for the first time? There’s the classic fantasy setting — warriors, magic, vaguely medieval get-ups, dragons, etc. Then there are the quests — NPCs all over the map, requests, shopping lists and crises that, of course, only the player character can solve. Let’s find out more after the jump. (more…)

It was a winter day in 2008 when I discovered tl;dr. At first, it seemed like a read-it-later client of sorts, or a disfigured emoticon. But no, it meant something much worse. This expression, which can be found throughout the comment sections of many blogs, meant that people had begun to undervalue reading. It meant that all the readers I thought I was getting were really just skimming the headline and moving on.

If you’ve been one of those too long — didn’t read people — a solution has recently been developed to help your daily rush. Download Circa News, a free new app from Circa 1605 Inc. I’ve been using it for almost a week now, and it has a lot of potential. But hey, this is a review, so meet me after the break for a deeper look at how this company is trying to revolutionize the way you read news. (more…)

When I first started using Twitter, I honestly didn’t know what I was doing or why I was even joining the service.  I knew that it was popular and so I decided to check it out. At first, I thought it was cool that I could follow my friends, but the more I started to use the service, the more I realized how it was much more than that. What used to be a way to communicate with friends is now more of a way to actually know what is going on in the world in an instant.

But if you are anything like me, you have followed a lot of people, companies, brands, news outlets, etc. to stay on top of the latest and greatest news that you are interested in. Sometimes we just want to cut through the noise and focus on the links that are important to us and not have to worry about what someone is eating today. Well, the developers of Plume have come out with an app that does just that; they can filter out the random posts about what people ate for breakfast and present you with the tweets that are more important to you. (more…)

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