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Total War Battles, developed for the iPhone by Sega (and is an iOS universal app), puts you in control of the armies of the late 16th century Japan. You must build your resources, with buildings like lumber yards, blacksmiths and shrines, in order to deploy your armies of samurai, ronin, archers, cavalry, monks and yes, a ninja.

The Total War line of games have for a long time helped to define the real time strategy genre of video games. With all their excellent animations, tactical control and meta management of resources, I was excited to see what their first entry onto the iOS platform would be like. Head into the fray after the break. (more…)

We’re counting down the days to WWDC over here at AppStorm. A few years ago, WWDC introduced us to a new iPhone, and the current rumor is that we’re going to see the next iPhone at this year’s event. Of course, that’s all speculation, but we want to know your opinion. Let us know in the poll if you think we’ll see the next iPhone in just a few weeks or not!

Forget Grand Theft Auto, there is a new robbery game out on the block. While this game does not have all of the action that GTA has, it does not mean it is any less thrilling.

Robbery Bob puts a new twist on previous burglary games. In this review, you will learn why this comically strategic game put this criminal as the most wanted on the App Store charts.


A lot of us rely heavily on email throughout each and every day. I know I am constantly checking mine and always making sure to respond in a timely manner. One thing about email that I always wish was more customizable was my signature. I know that you can customize it, but I have always wanted an easier way to do this.

Then an iPhone app called Signatures came along a little while back and it intrigued me because it gave you the capability to create your own signature right on your iPhone. Once I saw the app, I knew I had to try it out and see if it could actually help me solve my problem of customizing my email signature. Did it? Let’s find out after the break. (more…)

The board game Catan, by Klaus Teuber, has been around almost 20 years now, and has gained worldwide popularity as an engaging strategic game of resource collecting and settlement building. USM, also the developer for the popular Keltis iOS game, brings us this implementation of Catan for the iPhone.

In it you take on the role of a settler of Catan, a newly discovered island rich with natural resources. You compete with the other settlers by building settlements, roads and cities in order to cover enough of the island with your influence to proclaim yourself the Lord of Catan. Stake your claim after the break. (more…)

Max Payne Mobile on the iPhone (universal iOS) is a third-person shooter set in a gritty, modern-noir New York criminal underworld. Originally released in 2001 by Remedy Entertainment, it has found its way to iOS, just on the cusp of the release of Max Payne 3.

In the game you take on the titular role of Max Payne, an undercover DEA agent who becomes the main suspect in his friend’s murder, and proceeds to go rogue in order to hunt down the guilty parties. His plan? To rain mad bullets down in an unending torrent of lead that leaves no one left standing. Get gunning after the break.


There are countless reasons that one might need to convert from one unit to another. Maybe you are an mechanical engineer who needs to convert your water pressure from inches of mercury to kilopascals. Or maybe you are just a high school student who wants to convert square feet to square meters for a geometry problem. Convex is an app that converts a variety of measurements between different units and does so with a simple, intuitive and beautiful package.

There are lots of apps out there that convert between units of measurement on the app store and claim to be the best, the easiest or the most powerful. An example of a great measurement conversion app is Convertbot, by Tapbots. Clearly, these two apps are similar, from the wheel of units that the app is based around to the clever ways that each of the different measurements are displayed. But how does Convex stack up? (more…)

I am not easily amused by casual games, and though I love the idea of a game I just pick up and play on my iPhone anytime, I lose interest in most games almost immediately. Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer, however, has turned me into the fiending iPhone gamer I was longing to be.

Ascension is an iOS universal game by Playdeck, of the popular printed card game of the same name. It’s what you would call a deck building game, where each player starts with some basic cards (the same for each player) and, through the mechanics of game play, builds a deck that grants them more power over play, and more points in the end. Find out more after the break. (more…)

We all had a life prior to the iPhone. Maybe you’re new to the scene and had an Android phone for a bit, or possibly you had a BlackBerry before this one. Heck, maybe it’s something completely different. Well we here at iPhone.AppStorm want to know what you had prior to the iPhone. And if you’re feeling frisky, let us know in the comments why you switched. Thanks!

Last week, the Internet was all in a tizzy about the latest video out of Google, a concept titled Project Glass. It’s this headset that puts a single screen in front of your right eye and displays information about the environment you’re in. If you haven’t seen it yet, take a moment and check out the video, it’s worth the time.

Some are saying that this idea is genius, while others are chastising it as a dumb move and a piece of vaporware. But it does open up a conversation, particularly in regards to the iPhone: What is the future of the device?  (more…)

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