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You know when you get to a new city and have dozens of things that you want to visit, or on the flipside have no idea what to do or where to go? You try mapping it all out and waste a couple of hours, try everyone’s patience in your group and don’t end up actually using your map because you’ve mistimed everything.

This is exactly what the founders of Citybot were trying to avoid when they came up with the brilliant idea to develop a travel planning app that helps you plan, organize and schedule the best activities for your trip.

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It’s so easy to get disorganized on a trip. When you’re out of your normal settings, everything gets out of order fast. Plus, you went on vacation just so you could get away from sticking to a calendar like you do every day at work, right?

Today we’re going to look at an app that can make organizing your trip both easy and fun. Itinerary is a beautifully designed app for iPhone and iPod Touch that helps you keep up with what you’re doing and where you’re supposed to be throughout your trip. If you’ve found it boring or difficult to keep a schedule while on vacation, Itinerary may change your mind. Plus, it can even be helpful if you’re actually traveling for business since it gives you a head’s up view of each day’s schedule.

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