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Job searches are tough, man. Not just the searching, because you know what — I’m a whiz at Google, but it can be hard finding anything that pays reasonably well for decent work. That’s disheartening as all get out. Once you do find a handful of jobs to which you want to apply, you still actually, you know, have to apply to all of those jobs. Without a good system, that’s not an easy task.

Proven is an app that tries to cut through all of the headaches that come with a job search, connecting you with more job sites and putting some pretty nice tools in your phone. It’s a given that anything has to be better than those forty Craigslist tabs you have open, but we’ll take a look and see just what Proven has to offer. (more…)

I don’t need to tell you that finding a job can be hard. With our economy shrinking by the day and our forced competition with people across the world, finding a decent job that will allow you to support yourself continues to grow difficult. Thankfully, people smarter than myself have thought about this and are doing their best to help us find work.

Authentic Jobs is one such example. Built by Cameron Moll, Authentic Jobs is a job board for creative professionals, connecting prospective employers with a large pool of talented and passionate job hunters. Authentic Jobs has just released their iPhone app, and we’ve got a full review today.