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For those of you who are serial diarists or are always toting around a notebook in which to scribble all your genius ideas, memories or musings, why not combine your love of writing with your love for your iPhone?

Here are 50 journal and diary apps, all of them as unique as the people who will inevitably use them. Most of these apps are designed to let you document your innermost thoughts, but we’ve thrown in some scheduling apps for business that help you manage your day-to-day working life as well.

Now whether that’s through text, photos, videos, audio recordings, music or sketches, well, that’s up to you. And up to which app you choose. Hit the jump now to find the perfect one.


Once in a while, an app comes along that’s so good at what it does that it’s hard to believe its low price. These apps become essentials, favourites, apps we use nearly every day to document the things that matter. For me, Day One is one of those apps. It’s an iPhone app that’s as important to me as the built-in camera, one that changes the way I live and gives me some much-needed time for reflection every day. It’s an app that has changed the way I live my life.

I was so excited to give the iOS 7 update to Day One a shot and see what the team has brought to the app. I wasn’t disappointed. Read on to find out what makes Day One such a winner, and how it changes the way we look at making journals.


Timelines are core components of many social networking experiences. Facebook rolled out its timeline feature nearly two years ago, displaying major life events and activities in a beautiful chronological layout. Unfortunately, social network timelines are often more about the reader than the creator. Users are forced to broadcast their checkins and life events, because most networks aren’t designed to handle private posts well.

Ohai, created by Mustacheware, is a checkin journaling app, built upon the infrastructure. The app can post user checkins to Twitter and/or, or tuck them away into a private journal. Can an app built on a social network yield a satisfying private journaling experience? Read on to find out. (more…)

The best thing about always having my iPhone is that I can constantly record all the cool stuff happening around me. I do an amazing thing, I take a picture of the amazing thing. The only problem is that once I’ve shared the photo to Facebook or Instagram or wherever, it’s just gone. I’m not going to come back in three months and relive the amazing things I did on a particular day through social media posts. It would be awkward to accomplish, and, let’s face it, the results wouldn’t be that attractive.

Enter Days, a great app for recording all of the swell stuff you do in a twenty-four hour period. It looks good and was made for keeping a day’s worth of activity in a single neat update. We’ll take a look and see how it fares against all the ways you already have to share all of your stuff. (more…)

There are many different theories about what dreams are and why we have them, but some say our dreams tell us what we want. And if that’s true, then analyzing the people, places and things that appear in our dreams can help us learn something about ourselves.

Dreamboard Mobile is a free app that not only serves as an alarm clock, but also allows you to log your dreams, create a dream journal and, hopefully, learn something about yourself in the process.

Click through to take a look. (more…)

The incredible rise of Kickstarter was one of the defining stories of 2012 with the crowd-funding service helping to fund 34,000 projects with almost $400 million in pledges. However, despite the impressive figures, critics are still abound with many lamenting the failures of projects to fulfil their promises. A charge that cannot be levied against 1 Second Everyday.

Cesar Kuriyama’s brainchild was an instant success, managing to treble its initial funding goal. Unlike delayed projects drawing ire from critics, the app was released just a month after receiving funding on January 10. The highly organised and responsive nature of the project epitomises Kickstarter’s ideals and is a model for prospective projects, however, how does the final product stack up? Let’s find out (more…)

There’s a picture of me floating around my parent’s house somewhere, where I’m pictured sitting on a bed in Massachusetts at just a year or so old with a puppy to my immediate right. I’ve always has dogs in my life, and as I type this there’s a rather smelly dachshund named Scrappy sitting at my feet, warming my toes with his body heat. I’d do anything for him and his sister Freckles, they’re like my kids with tails.

When Caniner Doggie Diary showed up as a Featured App in the App Store, I figured it was worth taking a look. Turns out that CDD (as I’ll refer to it from here on out) is less like a diary and more like a social network for your pets.  (more…)

The iPhone is a great portable device to capture all those special moments in our life. To help in this process, there are a handful of apps that help you chronicle these events; Path as we reviewed before, comes to mind.

Not too long ago, I stumbled upon Flava, which is a journaling application for the iPhone. But as I started to get into it and use it, I realized there is so much more to it. There are some great features that make it stand out and it could potentially be a great way to capture those special moments in your life.


There’s something romantic about cataloguing our own lives. Thinking through our day and choosing the important parts, reveling in our successes and coming to grips with our failures, expressing thoughts that we wouldn’t even whisper to our closest of friends; those are the opportunites that a journal offers. Journals have been, traditionally, paper books that we hide in nooks and crannies, writing in ink by a flashlight so no one could see what we told to our inner selves.

Now, with the devices that we all carry in our pockets, on our nightstands, or on our desks, the journal needs to evolve. Why not make it easier and more secure to journal? That’s what Day One is for.


Keeping a journal is something that everybody should do. It gives you something to read and go back in time, reminding you of people and events that you might have forgotten about. It’s a great way to record your experiences on paper (or computer) so that you can keep them for posteriority.

The thing is, with all the new technology that we have, who has time for keeping up with a physical journal? Well, today we’re presenting to you Day One, an app that can help you keep a journal while you are on the go and at your desk. Interested? Read on to find out more about it!


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