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How do you currently keep track of your daily thoughts and events going on right now in your life? If you read our last review of Momento, you probably already downloaded this application and are currently using it. If you are, or the idea of a digital diary sounds interesting, you’re going to want to download Momento 2.0.

Momento 2 adds several key features that were missing from the first version of the application, such as Retina Display support, even more feeds to import data from, landscape support, and backup/restoring your data. All these features and more were just added to Momento, which is now updated on the iTunes App Store.

The iPhone offer applications for all sorts of tasks and today we are going to take a look at a few that will help you jot down notes. Since requirements vary, we will cover simple apps that are enough for quickly taking down a song name or a simple list, but also more complex apps that meet specific needs.

Be sure to take a look at our companion roundup over at Mac.AppStorm, looking at note taking software for the Mac.


Have you ever wished to bridge the gap between technology and your personal life on the iPhone? Now you can with a new app called Momento. Momento, from D3i, is an app that acts a “digital diary,” if you will. It stores everything from journal entries to Flickr photos into a timeline that is fully searchable based on tagged people, places or custom tags. Momento lets you add photos to your entries as well, making for a nice, media-rich diary.

On top of keeping record of diary entries or “moments,” as the app calls them, Momento integrates itself with Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and to create a content-rich timeline. Let’s dive in and check out all the features this great app has to offer and how to take advantage of them.


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