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Among the (many) announcements at Apple’s October 2013 event was the updating of iWork for iOS, now free for any existing users and those who purchase a new iOS device. One of the last bastilles of leather and wood effects, iWork was completely revamped and brought in line with iOS 7.

For PowerPoint refugees and anyone wanting to easily create slick presentations that are gorgeous to watch, as well as build, Keynote is a great example of how Apple can really push the boundaries of what is possible with iOS.


They say that the best tool for the job is the one you have with you, and when it comes to giving a presentation, that’s what Keynote for the iPhone is all about. Instead of lugging your laptop all over the place just to handle a presentation, instead all you need is your iPhone and a projector adapter cable and you’re good to go. Plus, your amazing technical skills could really impress the boss.

In this, the final installment in our iWork on the iPhone series, we’ll get into just how functional Keynote for the iPhone is, and whether or not its made the transition to the mobile arena well, or if there are still a few more kinks to be worked out. Find out after the jump.


News Corporation officially launched their iPad-only magazine, The Daily, alongside Apple’s VP of Internet Services in New York on Wednesday. The publication, which is exclusive to the iPad, is now available for a two-week free trial period in the United States.

Apple announced a new subscription-based billing system as Eddy Cue, Apple’s VP of Internet Services, also took the stage.


Ever wished there was a quick and easy way to craft a sharp-looking presentation on-the-go? Well Keypoint might have the answer. This newly updated app from Bert Timmermans is a fast way to create PowerPoint style presentations, right within your iPhone.

It allows you to create, publish and share presentations on the move while keeping everything simple and avoiding clumsiness. If you need to add punch to proposals or make a short presentation clearer and more memorable then Keypoint may be the app for you!


Interested in finding out what Apple announce today at the WWDC keynote? Check out our live coverage over at Mac.AppStorm for the latest news as it happens. We’ll be rounding up news, images and analysis from all over the internet to keep you well informed.

We’re due to see the unveiling of a brand new iPhone model, so it’s certainly an event you don’t want to miss!

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