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How can I introduce League of Evil 2? As a sequel to one of my favorite iOS games? As a difficult, well-designed platformer? How about as a testament to the responsiveness of the iPhone’s touch screen? League of Evil 2 is all of those things and more. I had the chance to review the original game a while back, so I think that it’s only appropriate for me to take a look at this, the hot-off-the-press sequel.

The only thing I need to ask is this: are you ready for some hardcore, evil scientist butt-kickin’? I mean, not physically, obviously. What did evil scientists ever do to you? (more…)

Do you ever find yourself wishing that you could find a game on your iPhone that didn’t have some adorable animal as its main character? Are you from the old school of gaming, where “death” didn’t mean an instant restart, it meant sucking it up, putting another quarter in the slot and gritting your teeth while you hoped you could get further than before?

League of Evil is kind of like that, except you don’t have to pay a quarter every time you’re bested by a level. Which is good, because otherwise I’d be broke by now.