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Keeping yourself and your family healthy is no small task. Fortunately, learning about proper nutrition and how to live an active lifestyle doesn’t require a medical degree, just an iPhone!

Today we’ll look at a few apps that can help you get the whole family into practicing healthier habits. Best of all, the apps below are all completely free so you don’t have to choose between saving money and learning to take better care of yourself.


It’s official. The iPhone has become a large part of our lives and, for many of us, we cannot think of life without it. There are many popular applications that have received a lot of media attention, but there are also those that quietly sit in a segment of our iPhone springboard that become an absolute necessity at the best of times.

In today’s post I will be looking at 25 “Unusual and Inspiring” uses for your iPhone – ranging from health to remote controls for just about anything! Please feel free to discuss apps that you too find unique in the comments below. Now on to the list…


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