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How do you get your news? Are you the person who sits in front of the TV daily and watches four hours of continuous programming, or do you check it out on the web? Whatever you do, it takes up some of your time, and that can be quite valuable.

What if there was a way to get your news in a shortened format so that you could be kept aware of the events as they unfold, but not get sucked into a long missive with 1,000 words of info that you don’t need? Well there is, and it’s called Clipped. It turns news stories into bullet points for quick and easy consumption. Oh, and did we mention that the developer is just 15 years old? Find out more after the jump. (more…)

When I first started using Twitter, I honestly didn’t know what I was doing or why I was even joining the service.  I knew that it was popular and so I decided to check it out. At first, I thought it was cool that I could follow my friends, but the more I started to use the service, the more I realized how it was much more than that. What used to be a way to communicate with friends is now more of a way to actually know what is going on in the world in an instant.

But if you are anything like me, you have followed a lot of people, companies, brands, news outlets, etc. to stay on top of the latest and greatest news that you are interested in. Sometimes we just want to cut through the noise and focus on the links that are important to us and not have to worry about what someone is eating today. Well, the developers of Plume have come out with an app that does just that; they can filter out the random posts about what people ate for breakfast and present you with the tweets that are more important to you. (more…)

Bitly’s fun pufferfish has long been a friend to verbose tweeters who needed to keep it under 140 characters, and if all you use Bitly for is shortening URLs, that’s enough. But there’s another side to Bitly, an even more useful side, that allows online marketers and bloggers to track how many “clicks” their links are getting. It’s pretty easy and fairly important if you make your living on the internet, but there hasn’t been a good way to generate those little links on iOS until now.

Bitly recently relaunched their website, and with it they launched their first iOS app simply named, Bitly. They’ve made Bitly more social by integrating Twitter and Facebook and creating community curated groups of links, or bitmarks. But does the iOS app work as well as the webapp and browser extensions? And will it have the same analytical functionality for those who need that information? Let’s find out together.  (more…)

Having such a simple premise, Twitter has been able to be translated to many different platforms and user interfaces. While the quasi-stock Twitter app is a great way to access the social network, as well as third-party apps like Tweetbot, wouldn’t it be cool if an app could pick out the stories posted to your stream, so you can get access to the news you care about, while leaving the commentary for later? That’s where comes in. is an iPhone app that filters and processes your Twitter and/or Facebook streams to pick out the links your friends and followees have posted that will interest you. While not being recommended as a replacement Twitter app (simply because it uses Twitter as a source, but doesn’t let you actually interact with it), it does offer you a quick way to access crowdsourced news without all the commentary and more social-oriented posts. Let’s take a look at it after the jump.  (more…)