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I recently tried out Minibar, a great app for discovering new cocktails. I’d been stuck in a cocktail rut, mixing the same drinks over and over again. More than just an app full of cocktail recipes to refresh your taste buds, Minibar also teaches you how to make the drinks, all about the tools of a good bar and how to keep your own minibar stocked.

I can learn all of that with a good web search, though. Does Minibar have enough beyond a few good cocktail recipes to make it worth a slot on my homescreen? (more…)

Your friends are coming over for cocktails and trying to decide what to serve is completely overwhelming. After finally building up the nerve to try out that hip speakeasy, you don’t recognize half the jargon on the drinks menu. Margaritas every Friday night are getting boring, and you want to try something new. The iPhone app, Food & Wine Cocktails is just what you need to shake things up.

Food & Wine Magazine and Belvedere Vodka have come together to create a sleek, sexy cocktail app designed to inspire your creativity and refine your technique in the area of home bartending. This free app contains 350 drinks, along with 25 Bar Snacks from the pages of Food & Wine Magazine, tips on setting up your home bar, and a dictionary of spirits.

Keep reading to find out why Food & Wine Cocktails stands above the crowd of cocktail apps. (more…)