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About a week ago I expressed a sentiment on Twitter regarding iCloud Reminders integration into third-party apps. Having transitioned to Reminders for all my to-dos and lists some months ago, I’ve found myself wanting a bit more from the first-party app. Reminders works well enough, and I mainly use it because it’s accessible almost anywhere and allows me to use Siri. However, being the app enthusiast I am, I can’t help but wonder why more productivity app developers don’t include Reminders integration into their apps.

Those familiar with Fantastical 2 and/or Calendars 5 know that these apps do a spectacular job with Reminders integration, which works hand-in-hand with a calendar app. But what about apps like Clear, Wunderlist and Any.Do? While the developers of these apps may not care to integrate Reminders, developers of similar apps could possibly see the value in doing so. Enter developers Taphive, who saw fit to do this very thing with their highly customizable to-do app,Tick. (more…)

Don’t judge a book by its cover–a valuable piece of advice I was taught early in my life, as I’m sure a lot of you where as well. More often than not I find this old adage to be profoundly true, but, at times, I find it incredibly difficult to live by. I, like a lot of individuals, find it easier to embrace something that’s pleasing to the eye. Sometimes it turns out well, which I’m sure most Apple device owners can attest to (just holding my iPad mini is one of my favorite past times), but other times I’m reminded why the adage rings so true.

Taasky is an app that was on my radar several months before its launch. I had seen it showcased on several blogs and Dribbble because of it’s beautiful and sleek design. I was enamored, to say the least. So, when the app found its way to the App Store I was quite pleased, and downloaded it with haste. What I discovered after spending a mere few minutes with the app, however, was another lesson involving books and their covers. (more…)

When you’ve got a system in place, when you have order, you’re not going to upset the applecart unless something pretty spectacular comes along. That’s exactly how I felt, and then I saw Silo. I was in a getting-things-done rut, and I needed something new to get me back on track. Silo has the goods and looks pretty fantastic, too.

Let’s take a look and see what makes this little app so great. (more…)

While conversing with a friend they recommend a new movie they’ve seen, an album they recently downloaded, or a restaurant they really enjoy. What do you do with this information? Some individuals will attempt to make a mental note, while others will immediately whip out their iPhone (or perspective smartphone) and enter the information into an app of their preference.

If you find yourself in the latter group, I bet dollars to doughnuts that most of you use the first-party Notes app for this function. Others will make use of a third-party notes app such as Evernote, Catch Notes or Simplenote. While all of these apps are useful for jotting down a quick word or twelve, a more customized approach may be better for managing a list that include items of this nature. Enter Thinglist, an app solely dedicated to such a task. (more…)

Long before racking up check-in badges on Foursquare, social butterflies collected matchbooks to document their journeys. As they evolved into scenesters, they were tasked with memorizing all those places to which they frolicked. But there’s also an added pressure of keeping tabs on new spots that may have opened up, as well as friends continuously counting on you for recommendations.

It’s a huge responsibility to know about every hot new locale, along with what a venue is good for and where exactly it’s located. Thankfully, Matchbook aims to be your digital notebook for such content. With a few touches of the screen, the app will remember where you’ve been as well as keep track of those places you’ve yet to go. Each category can be filtered, just in case you plan to visit a certain neighborhood or want to check out a new hotspot.

Can Matchbook be the all-encompassing guide you need to direct you around the city and keep track of the venues you’ve conquered along the way? Find out after the jump. (more…)

I don’t know about you, but I’m not a fan of grocery shopping. It’s tedious, you have to deal with people blocking your way in nearly every aisle, and it’s just a hassle, plain and simple. Unfortunately, it’s a necessary part of life (like laundry or dishes), so if there’s anything that can make this otherwise unenjoyable experience better, I’m willing to give it a go.

The simplest method to maintain your sanity, as well as reduce overspending, while grocery shopping is done by creating a list of items to buy. If you remember correctly I’m a big fan of ListBook, which works well for creating grocery lists. But as an app connoisseur of sorts, I’m always on the lookout for something better. In this particular instance, AnyList by Purple Cover, Inc. sets the standard for grocery shopping list apps. Find out why after the jump. (more…)

Lists, almost everybody uses them — heck, I’m addicted to them. Despite the widening prevalence of iOS devices in the daily workflow, good old notebooks have always been my personal preference for creating lists of any kind. The reason? One-thirds nostalgia, two-thirds indecisiveness. You see, there are an abundance of list making and GTD apps out there, but none have peaked my interest enough to replace the notebook, until now. (more…)

Todo Movies is an app that keeps track of the movies you want to watch and notifies you when new movies come out. This app has only one function unlike other movie apps on the app store like Flixter which does showtimes, movie and actor bios, and many other features including keeping track of those movies you’ve been itching to see.

If all you want is a “Todo” manager for movies you want to see, Todo Movies is definitely the best option. For all movie lovers who never again want to obsess over a movie months before and then totally forget about it when it actually comes out or just want to make a list of old movies they have been thinking about watching, Todo Movies is your best bet.

Our feature sponsor for this week is Basket, a simple and clean grocery shopping list app.

So you’re heading out to get some groceries — the usual stuff: milk, eggs, four quarts of rocky road — and you want to jot everything down in a single place. Basket is designed to do just that. Add or delete items on your list, then pull out the app when something is in your cart to check it off.

Think that’s it? There’s also iCloud support (a first for grocery list apps), meaning you can sync your lists between your devices. Maybe you’ve got an iPod touch at home that you use for your lists, and an iPhone for on the road. Plus, the app is customizable as well. You can pick your own fonts, font sizes and more.

Other cool features include shake to clear completed items, pull down to make a new entry and swipe to remove an item. It’s all very straightforward and that’s the point, right? Who wants to have to drill down four screens just to add peanut butter to their list?

Go Get It!

Basket is available on the app store right now, and better yet, it’s free. Go get your copy now so you can keep those lists in order!

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There are a large handful of Twitter clients in the iOS App Store. Both iPad and iPhone users have a wide variety to choose from, and we are seeing new applications enter the store each month.

Tweetlist is another such client with a pretty big twist: you can quickly flip through all of your different Twitter lists from a single easy-to-use interface. Let’s take a look after the break.

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