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As you know, the AppStorm team just returned from our very first Macworld Expo. To us, this was the stuff of legend. In years past we had spent Macworld glued to our computer monitors, taking in every scrap of information from bloggers making live posts about the newest developments from the world of Apple.

However, we soon found out that the atmosphere had changed dramatically from previous expos. The massive and legendary event that we had seen and heard from afar has been replaced by something else. Nearly every developer, exhibitor, and attendee we spoke with throughout the week talked about the change that had taken place.

Is Macworld a shadow of what it once was? Is the conference on a downward spiral? What will the future hold? We’ll discuss all this and more below.

David Appleyard, Joel Bankhead and I recently attended AppStorm’s first ever Macworld Expo (photos here). It was really great to not only meet some of our biggest long-time supporters but also make plenty of new connections with some incredibly talented people.

Today we’re going to take a look at a few of the products that stood out in the Macworld mobile showcase. There admittedly weren’t as many amazing apps as I would’ve like to have seen, but there were definitely a few that are worth mentioning. Let’s take a look.