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I am, unabashedly, a fan of magazines. Not only do I enjoy picking them up on a monthly and/or weekly basis, but I also like spending time flipping through the pages and pouring through my favorite articles. And in the interest of fair disclosure, I also write for several currently as well.

But magazines aren’t doing so hot as a whole, and people have been calling for the death of print media for years. They’re considered by many to be “old media,” and websites such as this one are their worthy successors. It wasn’t until the iPad came along that they had hope to transfer for the digital era, but even that wasn’t enough to really turn the tide.

With iOS 5, there’s new hope. It’s called Newsstand, and it’s completely changed the game.


The iPhone as we all know, is one of the best smartphones that is out on the market. One of the greatest things about it is its ability to be able to do more than just your standard calling, email, text, etc. Apps and the App Store brought the iPhone from good to absolutely great!

Zinio is one of those apps that contributed to this leap. It is a magazine subscription and reading app for both the iPad and the iPhone. As most people know, who own an iPhone and an iPad, it is definitely a much better reading experience on the iPad. But for the thousands out there that don’t have both, the iPhone is a decent alternative, especially if you have an app like Zinio.