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Today I’ve got an oldie but a goodie for all the foodies out there: Mario Batali Cooks! The man is now an empire of restaurants, author of many cookbooks and TV show host. He’s a visionary, cofounding the world famous Italian market, Eataly with the Bastianich family (and others). The man is obsessed with Italian cooking, and I love the detail and authenticity he gives in every recipe. First released in September of 2010, the app still gets excellent reviews in iTunes, but it hasn’t been updated since 2010. Is this a recipe for disaster, or a timeless classic?

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There are foodies and there are people who take it further — the food geeks. If you’re like me — waiting eagerly for your favorite produce to arrive in season, spending hours reading old books on the history of cooking and fascinated by the minute differences between cooking techniques like braising and poaching — you might be a food geek. We take food seriously, with a need to know the story behind the dish, to honor the ritual and tradition. Foodies love the Food Network channel, while food geeks prefer PBS. If you’re a food geek, you’ll appreciate the Eataly app. If you’re a foodie, you’ll probably hate it.

From the folks behind the famous Italian market in New York City by the same name, Eataly is an ode to the Italian osteria, where local foods are prepared with love and traditional Italian cooking is preserved. The app includes 1,000 recipes from inns recommended by Slow Food, as well as detailed information on Italian wines. Though Eataly is beautifully designed, it’s a simple app and there are no photos of the recipes. Serious food geeks don’t need photos, though, and will be inspired by the authentic Italian recipes.

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