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Meeting new people can be intimidating, especially for wallflowers such as myself. I’ve got the gift of gab, but I can only really open up after I’ve known you for a few decades or so. Until then, my social anxiety keeps my lips shut and my feet firmly planted in the corner at parties, making friends with the host’s cat.

Sometimes being taciturn just isn’t an option, especially if I’m meeting a new business contact. I have to find my voice somewhere, but how can I break the ice and put myself at ease? Maybe Refresh can help. It finds all of your new contacts for you and gives you lots of tidbits of info, so you’re never going into a meeting unprepared again. (more…)

Do you ever plan an event and take the time to send out the invitations to people, only to find out that most of them can’t make it on that day? I know that has happened to me a few times and it sucks when that occurs because now you are stuck with either changing the event date or just cancelling it all together. Before you know it, it is taking more time to actually plan and coordinate the event than the time alloted for it.

If you have ever been in this predicament before, you know exactly what I am talking about and I think I came across a cool solution to help you out. Invy, which is an iPhone app that aims to make the process of planning an event simple and easy, just came out and I took it for a spin to see if it really could help me. (more…)

Lets face it, meetings are generally a place of boredom and outdated technology. They are filled with far more paper and xeroxing than tablets and smartphones. Even when technology is incorporated, you still spend a majority of the meeting typing and recording. What if there was a different way to hold meetings, a way that gets rid of excess paper and saves your fingers from typing out thousands of words? Meetings are about to launch into the 21st century with Agendas, a new iPad app.

Agendas is a note-taking application designed for making meetings easier and more productive. Plan out your presentation ahead of time and include text, images, and real-time polls in your agenda. Once you have a basic framework of your meeting topics and information, it’s time to start your meeting. Agendas allows you to share your meeting notes with other users, meaning less typing and more listening.