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The incredible rise of Kickstarter was one of the defining stories of 2012 with the crowd-funding service helping to fund 34,000 projects with almost $400 million in pledges. However, despite the impressive figures, critics are still abound with many lamenting the failures of projects to fulfil their promises. A charge that cannot be levied against 1 Second Everyday.

Cesar Kuriyama’s brainchild was an instant success, managing to treble its initial funding goal. Unlike delayed projects drawing ire from critics, the app was released just a month after receiving funding on January 10. The highly organised and responsive nature of the project epitomises Kickstarter’s ideals and is a model for prospective projects, however, how does the final product stack up? Let’s find out (more…)

I don’t have to go into detail about how our lives have become much more social that it ever has before. With Facebook and Twitter taking over and a host of other social networking apps, we have been inundated with updates from friends far and wide, and ones that we haven’t talked to in years. We can debate about whether this is a good thing or not, but I know for me, I have really started to take a closer look as to what I choose to share and with who. It is not that I am becoming a social networking snob, but I just want to be careful and I don’t want it to consume my time.

With that being said, I have been able to play with an app called Quilt for the past couple of weeks, and the one thing that I really appreciate about it is the fact that it lets you decide how social you want to be. But, before you write this one off as just another social networking app, you need to know that there are some really cool features that make it one to seriously consider. In fact, as you will discover, there are a variety of ways to use Quilt that will appeal to a mass market. (more…)

Everyone told me to take lots of pictures of my baby boy because before you know it, he is going to be all grown up. My wife being the photographer that she is has taken numerous photos and videos of our son. When we first started to do this, we looked at different ways to organize everything and yet share them with my parents since they live so far away and wanted to get as many pictures as they could. We were deciding on whether we should have gotten a baby book and put pictures in there, but in the end, we decided to create a blog and chronicle his life that way.

A couple of weeks ago, I came across an app named 23snaps, which lets you document your child’s life and share it with others either privately or publicly. After I started to play with it a bit, I kind of wish we had started out with this app as this seems a little more flexible for us. If you are a parent that wants an easy way to capture your child’s moments, you are going to want to read further. (more…)

There’s a big market for photography apps on the App Store, proven by fantastic apps like Instagram which allow on device editing and styling of your photos. However, while capturing detail in a scene isn’t an issue, photos are fairly shallow when there’s much more that can be recorded of a scene.

Picle takes photography to a new level, by merging it with audio recording to create incredible, unique stories. Instead of capturing a photo, Picle lets you record a “picle,” a photograph with a couple of seconds of background audio merged together. Let’s get into it after the jump. (more…)

The iPhone is a great portable device to capture all those special moments in our life. To help in this process, there are a handful of apps that help you chronicle these events; Path as we reviewed before, comes to mind.

Not too long ago, I stumbled upon Flava, which is a journaling application for the iPhone. But as I started to get into it and use it, I realized there is so much more to it. There are some great features that make it stand out and it could potentially be a great way to capture those special moments in your life.