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There are some apps that are simply the best-in-class for their category. Letterpress is the best word game available on the app store. Vine is still the best social video app, despite Instagram’s entry in the category. Reeder is the best RSS client for iPhone, and Limelight is the best social movie app available on the platform. That being said, there are some categories that are so filled with strong contenders it’s hard to find a best-in-class app for them.

I’ve been playing guitar for over a decade now, and if there’s one thing I can tell you with absolute certainty, it’s that there are more apps for guitar players in the App Store than we could ever cover at AppStorm. That being said, I’m certain I’ve got the best-in-class app for most guitarists’ needs with GuitarToolkit. Read on to find out what makes GuitarToolkit a must-have app for any aspiring string musician. (more…)

I have to tune my ukulele constantly. That’s what I get for buying the blue one with the dolphin on it, right? It looks pretty, but it’s not the best instrument, and it needs constant upkeep or it starts sounding like I’m playing a tree branch.

I have a little device to tune it, a physical thing I have to lug around with me, and while it’s not all that big, it’s one more thing I need to keep on me at all times. Tunable can fix all that. It’s a great little app for tuning, and it can do a whole lot more. But can it replace the tuner I use everyday? (more…)