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Its seems like every other week I learn about a hot new weather app that’s just launched in the App Store, and for some reason I’m always excited. But when I look at the list of weather apps I’ve purchased, I find myself asking why I even bought them. The Weather Channel — an app I review in June 2012 — provides a lot of information, but often more than I need on a daily basis. Dark Sky is an app I’ll use for its unique radar map, but only during times of inclement weather. Solar is a beautiful app and I love the hourly report feature, but unlike The Weather Channel it offers too little information.

The hot new weather app right now is Haze, which, according to the App Store description, is built on the premise of providing a “radiantly crafted forecast at a glance.” So of course I had to buy it immediately and take it for a spin, so to speak. After spending a few days using it as my No. 1 source for weather information, I’m ready to share my thoughts. (more…)

As winter approaches, I’ve begun the time-honored tradition of spending large chunks of my time sitting inside, sipping on a warm coffee- or tea-based beverage, and getting addicted to as many games as possible. These days, we tend to put most games into two main categories. First, you have your longer, in-depth games that you can really sink your time into. Second, you have a subset of games that the iTunes App Store lovingly refers to as “5 Minute Fixes,” or games that you can pick up for a few minutes at a time, perhaps in line at the store or while riding a bus.

What is often overlooked in the area of game reviews (particularly for platforms like iOS) is that quick-fix games and time-sucking games are not necessarily mutually exclusive. Today I’m going to look at Esoteric Development‘s puzzler Box 2 Box — a deceptively simplistic game whose level-based design makes it good for short, segmented bursts of play, but where the increasing level difficulty can make for maddening, time-sucking fun. (more…)

When you first get an iPhone, typing on a touchscreen feels very novel and new, but after a dozen or so text messages, the novelty wears off. Typing on the iphone can quickly become a frustrating experience, and until (if ever) the iPhone integrates an alternative typing system (like Swype for Android), we’re stuck trying to make the best of a bad situation.

The default writing environments, such as Notes or Mail, don’t make matters easier with their cluttered interfaces and small writing spaces. WriteRoom by Hog Bay Software is an attempt to make writing on your iphone into a less painful experience, adding features such as full screen writing and cloud sync. Read on to find out if WriteRoom can make writing on your iphone less of a chore!