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I’m not a huge sports guy, but out of the big four U.S. leagues, the MLB is my deal. I grew up outside of Boston, and being a kid from that area means you’re required to like the Boston Red Sox. Seriously, I think it’s a law.

And despite their rough 2012, things are looking up so far in 2013, and so I wanted to find an app that helped me keep up on the current happenings but didn’t have a ton of extra stuff going on. That app is Race to the Pennant. Spoiler: It’s awesome. (more…)

For all the baseball fans out there, this is a wonderful time of year. The Major League Baseball regular season just began and the smell of the ballpark is in the air. And, if you’re like me, you’ll now be dedicating more time and energy each day than you should following your favorite team.

Statistics are a huge part of this historic game, and have been kept for better than a century. Numbers to numbers, players and teams can be compared from one generation to the next. It’s one of the only professional sports that is capable of such comparisons. Because of that, baseball carries with it a lot of stat junkie fans. These are the folks that analyze the OBP of a batter in relation to facing right or left handed pitching combined with the game time temperature. Topps Pennant is an app that packages all of those stats in a beautifully designed, fun to use iPhone app. Let’s take a closer look at it. (more…)

I’m a baseball fan. Admittedly, I haven’t always been. My father wasn’t a big sports guy, so growing up the television was never on the game, and we never went to our hometown team’s stadium, which for us was the legendary Fenway Park.

Today, I’d give my eye teeth to be at Fenway right now, but unfortunately, time and money constraints stop me from moving across the country for a few months out of the year. Fortunately, I can still get my Red Sox fix wherever I go, thanks to MLB.Com at Bat for the iPhone. Let’s go out to a ballgame after the jump.  (more…)

It’s considered to be a purely American sport, and yet people all around the world love to watch and play baseball. Here in the States, the MLB is known as the big leagues, and it’s where the best of the best play professional ball.

Last year, the MLB released MLB At Bat, and it received mixed reviews. But with its latest release, MLB At Bat 11, we’ve got the app that baseball fans need to get. Why? Let’s talk it out after the break.