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Many years ago, back before I was a convert to the world of Macs, I wanted to find a way to sync the contacts on my various computers, that way I always had the right phone number on hand. To do that, I used a new online service, which didn’t really work the way I expected it to. I always found myself with doubles or missing contacts, which essentially defeated the purpose.

Today we have iCloud, which is supposed to be an improvement on the problems we had with MobileMe. But with those improvements comes a problem — relying on the system. And when it doesn’t work, then there’s a problem. A big one.


Up until recently, locating your lost iOS device was a feature only paid MobileMe subscribers enjoyed. However, with the most recent software update Apple decided to toss in this service free of charge for all devices (how very un-Apple!).

This process is pretty straightforward and is even laid out pretty well on Apple’s site, but for all those who missed it or have been avoiding the task, you’ll want to check out this quick tutorial. The entire setup only takes a few minutes and you’ll definitely be glad you did it!


Apple’s MobileMe service is a full-featured “cloud” service. With email, calendar, a photo gallery, and cloud storage app, they’ve really made a one-stop shop. It’s far from perfect, but works well for many people. One area lacking is that, until recently, there was no mobile counterpart for several of the MobileMe features. Most notably photo galleries and iDisk.

You’ll be pleased to know that in recent months, Apple has stepped up to fill that gap in the shape of iDisk and Gallery. With these, your MobileMe experience is complete (when coupled with the apps built into your iPhone already). This review will take a look at both pieces of software, and see what they have to offer.


As it becomes more common for people to have information spread across multiple devices, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of all your data. It is for this reason that many people are making the move to keeping everything in one central place – the cloud.

You can already sync iCal and your iPhone together each time you plug your phone into your computer, but if you don’t regularly sync your iPhone, then this wireless alternative may be perfect for you. This how-to will teach you how to keep your iPhone or iPod Touch calendar and iCal in perfect sync using Google Calendar, removing the need for a costly Mobile Me subscription.