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In this Quick Look, we’re highlighting WeFeel. The developer describes WeFeel as an app that can show you, how any city, country, continent or the world feels. It’s all based on how you feel and where you are. You can choose your current mood and location, which will then become a part of WeFeel.
You can also build Smart Locations. Smart Locations are defined by your choice of emotion and location type. Like “the happiest city in the world”.

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If there is one thing that the iPod touch and the iPhone are definitely built for, it’s enjoying music. There’s a plethora of dedicated apps to listen to internet radio stations, artists albums or even to mix your own music. Despite all the competition among them all, Ghostly Discovery has found a sweet spot.

By offering a super-simple interface, quality content, streaming over Wi-Fi or 3G, and no advertising, you may find yourself tapping into it’s sound vault more often than you initially expected.