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If you own a smartphone, you’ve probably become comfortable with photo editing apps: taking pictures, applying filters and sharing images in your social networks. Many of us have yet to make the leap to video because it’s just not as quick and easy as the seconds it takes to photograph and edit in apps like Instagram. If you’re a photo junkie and can’t resist documenting everyday life, Directr is a game changer.

This new (free) video app for the iPhone makes it quick and easy to shoot video clips and weave them together to form a movie in minutes. The focus is on using storyboard templates to create meaningful stories that your friends and family will enjoy watching. Developers of Directr want making a movie to be as easy as taking a photograph, so there’s no editing, no filters and no fluff.

Interested in telling your story in video? Keep reading to learn more about Directr. (more…)

Over the last couple of iterations of the iPhone, we’ve seen it develop into a pretty good camera. I can easily say that the iPhone 5 will probably become my everyday camera and video recorder. Gone are the days of having to have a separate camera and/or video camera along with your device.

Not only does the technology of the iPhone make it a good camera, it is the apps that come out for it that make it even better and more enticing to use. For example, Ptch has their own take on being able to shoot images and gives you the opportunity to display them in an easy way to show them to others. There are a handful of apps out there that do similar things to Ptch, but I haven’t seen one with its ease of use. Let’s take a closer look at it and see how it works. (more…)

Picture this: I just took a walk with my iPhone, but it was no ordinary stroll I assure you. If you would’ve seen me, headphones in, strutting along, you would’ve had only one possible conclusion for my behavior, that I had completely lost my freaking mind.

At certain points, I would stop and try to remain as still and quiet as possible. At other points I was moving fast while vigorously shaking my iPhone. There was even a time where you could’ve seen me yelling and clapping while blaring iTunes to try to create a noisy environment.

Now as I type this article, my keystrokes and mouse clicks echo wildly in my ears with the sounds of a raging storm, altering reality in a way unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.

Have I gone mad? What possible reason could a man have to engage in such ludicrous acts? The answer lies in an app from two of my absolute favorite people in Hollywood: Christopher Nolan and Hans Zimmer (along with founder Michael Breidenbruecker).

The web has become saturated with surprisingly high quality content created entirely on iPhones. Never before has a device that contains a camera merely as a secondary feature so impacted the worlds of photography and cinematography.

The question is, are these industries better or worse with the arrival of the iPhone? Is this device improving the digital world by putting multimedia-based art forms into the hands of the masses or is it critically cheapening decades of hard work from serious professionals? Let’s discuss.