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Streaming media services is a fairly new industry and it is a growing one. Movie and television studios are continually seeing the benefit to this transmission method and are still figuring out how to best utilize it. Different services have been popping over the last couple years. Hulu and Netflix are two popular examples in this category.

The natural next step for these web streaming services is to mobile devices. Our devices and networks are now capable of handling these services. The iPhone is no slouch when it comes to media so this is a perfect fit. Crackle is a free, ad-supported video streaming services that has a mix of movies, television shows and original shows in its library. The Web service is great, but can the iPhone application measure up? Read on to find out


It’s Friday night and I am taking my lovely wife to see a film. Naturally, to find what’s playing and when, I look to my iPhone. This brings around a tough decision though. I have not one app for this job, but a folder full of them! Which should I use?

They all accomplish pretty much the same thing. Some, like IMDB, have tons of other features and really just focus on movie times as a non-core function, but it’s nice to have all of that information at your fingertips. Others, like Flixster, really focus on getting you the info you need quickly and without distractions.

I want to know which app you use for this. Not which one has the most features or the best interface but the one that you actually turn to every time you want to go see a movie. Today’s poll lists the popular options and has a place for you to write in anything that’s not listed.

Once you’ve voted, leave a comment below and let us know why you use the app that you do!

Netflix has taken the world by storm. It used to be known as the company that sent DVDs out in the mail, but now they’re moving their business model into streaming video as well. To that end, they’ve put out apps for both the iPad and iPhone, both of which are very popular. But each variation isn’t created equal, so which version is the right one for you? If you’re a Netflix subscriber, this is news you need to know.


I am a movie fanatic. There is not a week when I don’t watch at least one movie I haven’t seen before. Not to speak of all the TV shows I am following. While watching, I often have “geek moments” – those are times when I go “Oh, what’s that actor’s name?” or “What was the other recent movie this actress starred in?”

Before the time of iPhone and iPad, I had to move over to my Mac and fire up IMDB in Safari to check it out. With the IMDB app for iPad I can remain slouching on my couch and get all the information I desire. The comforts of the 21st century.


If you’re a movie buff, your iPhone is an excellent companion to aid you on your quest for cinematic knowledge. Whether you’re looking for trailers, trivia or showtimes, you guessed it; there’s an app for that!

We’ll help you fill your iPhone with every kind of movie application available. The best part: it won’t cost you a cent. To ensure that you still have plenty of cash to drop on tickets and popcorn, today’s post will be comprised of only free apps. Let’s get started!


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