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At first glance, TinyVox Pro is a voice recorder with a pretty interface and that’s it. With closer investigation though, there are some useful features that will suit certain types of user.

For example, journalists might find the app useful for recording interviews, musicians might find it useful for recording demos or samples, and ordinary users might develop a preference for recording notes rather than typing them. Let’s get into it after the jump.  (more…)

iTunes has long held the crown when it comes to desktop music on the Mac – and for good reason. Apple has taken the software from a simple MP3 organisation tool, right through to powerhouse it has become today. Despite everything iTunes has to offer, this year has seen me make a move towards Spotify.

Spotify is an audio streaming app that allows you to discover and play any music via the Internet. They also offer an iPhone application, which we’ll be taking a look at today. Spotify Mobile is a great companion to the desktop software, and not to be missed if you’re a Spotify user.


Ever been on a trip and tried to sync your iPhone/iPod with another computer? Ever set up a new system and wanted to easily pull the content off your iPhone into your new iTunes library? Ever lost your local hard drive and the data on your iPod or iPhone was all you had left?

If you answered any of these questions with a yes, you’ll probably know that copying files from your iPod into an iTunes library is incredibly confusing. iRip aims to solve this problem, making the entire process remarkably simple.