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A month ago I announced Cookbooth, the app for creating step-by-step photo recipes, was going to revolutionize recipe sharing. You may remember that I was excited — actually head over heels gaga for this little app. You see, I had become jaded, and nothing in the App Store was doing it for me. The iPhone app market seemed stagnant; lacking innovation. Now I realize it was just the calm before the storm.

As Yoda said to Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back, “There is another.” Nonapkin, released in September on the heels of Cookbooth, is another social app for creating step-by-step photo recipes. Now I believe we’re looking at a new trend. Developers have jumped on the next big leap for recipe apps, and I think we’ll be seeing more players in this arena going into 2014. As with any new platform, the cream rises to the top. In time, we will see which apps offer the best user experience, functionality and social interaction.

After my glowing review of Cookbooth, Nonapkin has a lot to live up to. How does this app measure up to the current standard? Keep reading to find out.