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It’s high summer and the garden is bursting with vegetables, but don’t forget about the hedgerow! Nature’s bounty can be found in the wild too, and if you’ve ever wanted to get into foraging for food, now’s the perfect time! Wild Berries & Herbs HD by Nature Mobile is a mobile field guide to the most common species of berries, fruits, herbs and nuts found around the world. The app promises to teach you how to identify these wild species like a scientist — by focusing on every physical attribute from root to leaf to flower. It offers a database of 186 wild plants, both edible and toxic, and multiple tools to help you classify on the go, without an Internet connection.

If you’ve always wanted to try your hand at foraging but didn’t know where to start, keep reading to learn more about this handy field guide. (more…)

Have you ever seen a plant or animal in your area and wondered what it was or wanted to share it with other interested people? It turns out your iPhone provides the perfect companion for a hike into nature.

Today we’ve got a few apps to check out the next time you decide to take a break from civilization and explore the great outdoors.


Smartphones and apps are accused of making us less social and more glued to screens than ever before. Most of us argue that apps help our lives, but in all honesty, most of us should spend a lot more time outdoors than we really do. So the question is, “can an iPhone app can inspire you to get out and explore the real world around you more?”

Project Noah just might be the solution. This award-winning app makes it easy to discover the wildlife right around you and share your own wildlife discoveries with the world. Whether it’s a deer in the woods, a snake in your garage, or that tree around the corner that you’ve always wondered about, we all have wildlife around us that we’d love to share with the world. Project Noah inspires you to find out what’s living around you to help both you and others learn more about our planet. Before we put on our hiking boots and hit the trail, let’s take a closer look.