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It used to be that if you didn’t want to get lost, the best options were to get a standalone GPS unit that sat on your dashboard or have one installed at the dealership in your car. Both options were expensive, and they all had their downsides. You’d think that having Google Maps on your iPhone would solve that problem, but in reality, it’s tough to drive and touch a screen without going into the median.

TomTom saw that standalone models were starting to go the way of the dinosaur, so they decided to build an app for the iPhone. At under $50, it’s cheaper than most standalone GPS models, plus it’s with you everywhere your phone goes. Granted, $50 is a lot of money for an app. Is it worth the cash?


Social networks and point systems have been successfully worked into location-based apps like Foursquare and Gowalla with such great results that Facebook recently decided to pick up some similar features as well. Today’s app takes this same idea to a new area of travel that’s a little more extreme: driving.

In our review of Waze Social GPS we’ll answer some critical questions: Is a free GPS app a good alternative to the many paid navigation apps? Is it safe to attempt to gather points, report road hazards and make social connections while driving? Find out below!


The iPhone’s advanced GPS capabilities make it an awesome companion for getting from A to B. There are tons of apps that provide advanced interfaces and turn-by-turn directions exactly like you’d find on a dedicated GPS device.

Below we’ll take a look at fifteen of the best navigation apps we could find for the road, the trails and even the air! Note that several navigation apps require subscription but we did our homework and tried to provide subscription information where appropriate.


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